General Information

In Germany, the expansion of the power grid and the construction of several new high voltage power lines across the country as a result of the switch to renewable energy sources, as well as the introduction of the new 5G mobile communication standard and the introduction of digital techniques into almost all scenarios of the everyday life, leads to changing exposure conditions of the population and the environment to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) of all frequency ranges. In consequence, this leads to an increased concern of the population regarding possible health effects as well as detrimental effect on animals and plants.

In order to summarize the current state of scientific knowledge, to discuss known and possible environmental effects of EMF, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) performs the International Workshop “Environmental effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields: Flora and Fauna”. The workshop will cover the occurrence of anthropogenic fields of all frequencies in the environment, possible action mechanisms in living systems, and the observed biological effects of these fields in plants, invertebrates and vertebrates. Effects on behavior and orientation will be one of the central topics. Gaps in knowledge will be identified and depending on the results a research agenda on unintended, possibly adverse effects of EMF on the Flora and Fauna will be issued.


  • Exposure Assessment and Dosimetry (Powerlines, Mobile communications)
  • Action mechanisms (Magnetoreception, Thermal effects)
  • Low frequency electric and magnetic fields - Power lines and cables: Effects on plants, invertebrates and vertebrates
  • High frequency electromagnetic fields – Mobile communications including 5G: Effects on plants, invertebrates and vertebrates

Confirmed speakers:

Margaret Ahmad, FranceErich Pascal Malkemper, Austria
John Bolte, NetherlandsHenrik Mouritsen, Germany
Andrew Bruce Gill, United KingdomBenjamin Paffhausen, Germany
Christopher J. Gordon, USADaniel Robert, United Kingdom
Michael Robert Hässig, SwitzerlandHeiko Schmaljohann, Germany
Richard A. Holland, United KingdomGernot Schmid, Austria
Daniel R. Kattnig, United KingdomArno Thielens, USA
Joe Kirschvink, USAAdam Vanbergen, France
Amparo Lazaro, SpainAlain Vian, France
Massimo E. Maffei, ItalyMichael Winkelhofer, Germany

Programm committee:

  • Blanka Pophof, Federal Office for Radiation Protection
  • Janine Schmidt, Federal Office for Radiation Protection
  • Jens Kuhne, Federal Office for Radiation Protection


Important Dates:

July/August 2019
Registration opens.

21st October 2019
Abstract submission closes.

5th November 2019
Approx. 11 am | Begin of workshop

7th November 2019
Approx. 2.30 pm | End of workshop